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>>> good morning i'm sue thompson live in san francisco in the headlines this morning, why shopping in san francisco could cost you a lot more money, it is a new ordinance starting today. we'll tell you how you might be able to escape the extra fees. -- [ inaudible ] >>> i think sue pay's attention to mike's forecast before she comes into work she must call him or something. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. you should dress appropriately for the hot weather. >> absolutely you want to be careful heading back to work especially if you work outside, a scar. er in many areas. -- a scorcher in many areas, no clouds, no rain, no drizzle, no mist. what we have is the potential for poor air quality especially in the east bay valleys and also the east bay hills in the santa clara valley a spare the air today many coast warm, low 70s to low 80s under total sunshine, hot around the bay, sunny, 84 to 91 extreme heat will start to develop inland 92 to possibly 103. that's your heatwave for now. >>> 5:0 starting today in san francisco, take your own shopping bag to the
, you know it. san francisco $4.74 up 47 cents in a week. oakland up 49 cents. from a week ago. san jose 50 cents. analysts predict once that winter blend mix of gasoline begins selling we definitely could begin to see prices fall. >> if it is right, that would have a major impact on the price of gasoline, increasing our spwhraoeus by 8, 10% would be plenty to bring down california prices to norm app relationship to the rest of the country. >> reporter: the big question is how soon will we see prices fall? analysts are predicting that it could take a week or so. until then, we will probably continue to see prices under the $5 mark. sue thompson, abc7 news. >>> they are cleaning up this morning around oakland city hall after occupy protesters combined with anti-war protesters went on a vandalism spree last night. they broke windows and damaged cars from 14th and telegraph, 6:00 last night, targets included city hall, police recruiting station, several banks and other businesses plus cars. police say they were not prepared to move in and make arrests without outside help. demonstrators dis
games. so far they've won one. the fans here in san francisco are feeling so good they are already talking about the next level. >> [ screaming ] >> we are going to the world series. >> reporter: no word on whether marco will be okay to play his hip was hurt when holly day slid into him -- holiday slid into him. the team leaves sfo late this morning they plan to meet at the ballpark take a bus to the airport to play game three tomorrow, matt cain will be pitching. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> when he stood up -- we need to win four games out of seven to take the series game three tomorrow night or tomorrow in st. louis at 1 p.m. our time cain starts. thursday 5:00 our time friday game five, 5:00 our time in st. louis. >>> today we will find out if san francisco is in the running to host an upcoming super bowl. nfl will decide if san francisco has a shot the plan would mean the 2016 or 2017 super bowl is played at the new stadium. is -- san francisco would host most of the events. the 1985 game was played at stanford stadium. abc 7 will carry the gamely thursday. 4:00 hourlong pre
s inland mostly sunny, 70 to 80 . >>> san francisco police still looking for a suspect one of two who led identifies on a chase that includes bullets flying and innocent taxi hit. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: ed dee and franklin still closed when you look at the crash cars they are still here hard to believe the injuries weren't more serious police tried to pull 0 the white car 2:00 this morning because the light over their license plate was out. the car took off. otherwise say the passenger shot at police. the car ran a red light at franklin and eddie when it crashed into the cab. the two in the car started running police chased after them, they caught the passenger, who they believe was the shooter but the driver is still on the run. police are okay, but they are still shaken from the experience. >> it is a lot. a lot to go through, still digesting it. it takes a while to have it process through your brain and realize what happened. even after time goes on throughout the day they will probably still think of what happened. >> reporter: they were shot at but
>> in the news this sunday morning, even bigger crowds are expected in san francisco today for the giants, 49ers, bluegrass, and many more events. we will have a live report. and occupy protesters return to city hall but this time they announce a departure date. i'm terry mcsweeney in for carolyn tyler. let's take a quick look at the. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> yesterday was beautiful. today starting off with a little built of fog. temperatures cool, low 50s north. but for today we are expecting still that area of low pressure to stay offshore so that will allow for a mix of clouds and sun with low to mid-60s coastside into the mid-70s the inland valleys and then a sharp cooling trend as we get to the evening hours and sunset. but we are still looking for the system to move closer to the coast, move over parts of the bay area and spread not only cloud cover, but still the chance of showers. timing is changed, though. i'll tell you good it coming up. terry. >> thank you very much. the annual fleet week celebration will wrap-up today with huge crowds expected to enjo
a reservation for that. >> all that because san francisco's waterfront takes center stage for a global audience tonight when the giants host the tigers for the world series. right now outside at&t park a lot of excitement there, tonight unlike other nights, monday night into particular you can see some rain is coming down now. dozens of workers spent hours making sure the park will be shining. crews tackle the job of drying out after monday. nothing wrong with your tv set, the ferry building, many of san francisco's signature landmarks lit up in orange, every night during the world series. the work of a national league champion never ends, giants took batting practice yesterday to get ready. sandoval having a little fun. players kept loose by running and stretching in the outfield even tigers doing prep work. practice session gave the tigers a chance to work out kinks after a long plane ride and a long time off. here's manager bochy's pitching line-up zito will start tonight. bumgarner fame two. series moves to detroit, vogelsong starts game three saturday followed by cain sunday lincecum will
will tell you more. right now frustrating traffic closures and delays this weekend in san francisco thanks to numerous events from fleet week to america's cup prelims. >> amy hollyfield is live along the embarcadero with a look ahead. one busy spot. >> reporter: it is going to be interesting. this is going to be a tough spot because the crowds will be thick. there's a nice wide sidewalk here but they expect this to be packed with pedestrians. so, where to put the bicyclists? city officials are going to try a novel idea. northbound lane on the embarcadero closed down, just for bicyclists. they think it is good because they want to keep them often sidewalk away from the pedestrians. there are -- there are signs around the embarcadero flashing now warning people of how crowded it is going to be. the plan for the bicyclists has not been widely publicized this is a new idea. they are going to shutdown a lane between bay and washington starting tomorrow. really, the message is, just don't even try to drive a car down here on the embarcadero this weekend. the elite flight team will take to the sk
marzullo live in san francisco i'll tell you the easy way you can enter to win, next. >>> it may be you, it won't be us we are not eligible. good morning at 5 o'clock between the 49ers game tonight and maybe if you are a meteor showers watcher the weather could not be any more perfect. >> but warmer. >>> no need to take your coat to the game tonight mid 70s by the start mid 60s by the end fun electric night at the stick. right now live doppler no radar returns, still following high fire danger in red higher elevations north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range that area still susceptible to high fire danger tendencies over the next couple of hours. low to mid 70s at the coast, low to mid 80s bay mid 80s to low 90s sunshine everywhere. >> the big boom has everyone talking this morning. meteor shower across the sky over northern california astronomers tell us we may be in for more. we could see more sights like this the next few nights viewers captured these images of last night's meteor shower. you may have heard the big boom or felt it around 7:30. with clear skies and warm tempe
moon bay, about 70 downtown san francisco, 74 oakland and out toward the inland east bay, concord a high of 80 degrees today. and overnight tonight and for the evening hours very pleasant with clear conditions. 70s to the 60s. looks like this will last for the speier weekend. but we do have rain in the seven-day outlook. i'll show you that later. terry. >> thanks very much. the san francisco giants facing the tigers in game three of the board series tonight. this time in detroit. giants leading this series two games to none. giants fans may have the chance to watch the game with the hometown crowd on giant tv screens in civic center plaza and the city is dressed in orange and black to keep the spirits high. we are joined live from civic center plaza where she has the best seat in town. let me make this clear, they are only going to show the game if it's a chance for the giants to clinch the world series. >> that's exactly right, terry. good morning. if the giants win tonight, and they are in a position to clinch tomorrow, the game will be shown here in civic center plaza for fans
, carquinez bridge with a fog advisory, richmond san rafael bridge thick fog. >>> san francisco's city leaders could find out today if the 49ers new stadium is super enough to compete to host football's biggest game. cornell bernard at the new site. >> reporter: good morning. the new 49ers' stadium is taking shape behind me. just imagine the super bowl being played here in the next five years. that's what the city of san francisco is hoping for as it finds out later this morning if it is indeed this running to host the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. the nfl requires the host team play at least two full season to qualify. super bowl would bring millions to the bay area and san francisco. a city which has proven it can host world class events. business owners say the pros of hosting a super bowl is amazing it >> i think it is aidan -- fantastic plus you have all the transportation issues to get to santa clara, very easy. phenomenal hotels, restaurants, hospitality >> it a wonderful idea. i've been a fan for many years about time. >> reporter: if the nfl gives the green light to proceed san francisc
pricey parking. only on 7, cell phone robberies are on the increase in san francisco as thieves get more brazen. we will show you exclusive video of the crooks in action. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. blue angels, blue grass, will we have blue skies? let's find out. here's a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. the fog is at the shoreline. here's what you can expect the rest of the day today. it's a cool start with numbers in the upper 40s to the upper 50s. but we will call it partly cloudy for the afternoon with mild temperatures on the coast. mid-60s once again. cooler if you are headed into golden gate park. it should be a mild afternoon on the coast with mid-70s in our inland valleys and dropping through the 60s by the evening hours. for tomorrow looks just as good. but we still have a chance for a few sprinkles. i'll explain. take a look at the extended forecast coming up. terry. >> thanks a lot. you might have heard the roar this week. get ready for much more as the blue angels take to the skies to headline the fleet week airshow. >> they s
. >>> 5:02. the surging san francisco giants get a day off today before hosting game one of the world series tomorrow. the club took the pennant last night with a route of the cardinals. -- a -- amy hollyfield is live at ballpark. >> reporter: what an exciting game. here's the headline: not even an ounce of drama last night, 9-0, no question who was going to take the national league pennant. they did it if a downpour, which is so unusual for october in san francisco. usually our best weather. the giants' president said the rain was crazy just like everything else that this team has done. the team didn't quit, neither did the fans. the stands were so full even when the rain was really coming down they were predicting how the giants will do in the world series. >> we are going all the way! [ screaming ] >> we are going to the world series and win four more games and have a parade. that's what we are looking for. >> reporter: the clubhouse celebration was full of champagne the team poured it all over the mvp marco scutaro who call the night unbelievable. one mover headline on the sportin
to san francisco general hospital. no details on the shooting. suspect is still on the loose. >> eric: a horrifying school in new york city. a mother arrived home last night to her upper west side apartment to find two young children had been stabbed to death in the bathtub. nanny had self-inflicted stabbing wounds. ee shoe has been arrested. there is no indication for the motive for killing the children. >> kristen: happening later this morning, funeral services are planned for former presidential candidate george mcgovern. hundreds of people paid their respects to the senator. vice president biden remembered him as someone that was respected by both republicans and democrats. he was 90 years old. >> a suicide bombing has killed 35 people in northern afghanistan. bombing happened in a town while people gathered at mosque to celebrate a holiday. top officials from a local province governor and police chief when the bomber set off the explosives. civilians made up most of casualties. no one mass claimed responsibility for the attack yet. >> a truce is under way in syria this morning. [
, millbrae, downtown san francisco direction we'll be following that for you. bay bridge commute obviously going to pick up because of this big bart delay live shot coming into san francisco so far light. macarthur maze from 580, 880 and 80 approach, relatively light, looks like 80 east shore freeway beginning to bunch up. waze app this is free, this is 880 through oakland area towards both directions actually looks like it is relatively cleary now once again bart pushing one hour delays east bay to san francisco direction. >>> today on katie one of the most powerful women in silicon valley sits down with katie couric. facebook's chief operating officer is credited with helping the social networking giant become profitable. sheryl sandberg and the kate middleton lookalike on katie starting at 3 p.m.. >>> it seems squirrels may have a little something to teach us about managing our money. researchers are following squirrels as they scamper around campus they say the squirrels don't just mind leslie form for food they engage in a long term safe s strategy, padding nest eggs even diversifying
sunny mid 60s to 70. inland partly sunny, upper 60s to mid 70s. >>> 5:03. san francisco sheriff ross pheur pheuf will be back on-the-job this morning -- ross pheur pheuf will be back on the job in morning, seven out of 11 supervisors voted tuesday to upheld the finding of official misconduct and remove mirkarimi from office. his removal required nine votes when were two votes short. he and his wife said they look forward to getting their light back to norm a mayor lee said he was unhappy with the board of supervisors' decision. >> may see a lot of could workers not paying attention in the afternoon or leaving the office early thanks to the giants and a's staying alive yesterday. terry mcsweeney is live at the coliseum where the a's will try to even things up against the tigers tonight >> reporter: you could almost still hear the echoes reverberating from the fans. 36,000 fans out here this is what it sounded like. >> tying run at plate in the 9th only to set up a double play and a's win 2-0. absolutely amazing win by amazing team. here's what the fans were saying. [ inaudible ] . [ u
. giants fever is spreading, not only here in san francisco, but all across the bay area today. you better believe it, lots of local businesses, well, they can't rate to reap some of the profits from fans. giants, they have been warming up this weekend for sunday's game against st. louis here at&t park. team members are happy for the home field advantage and that all-important boost from local fans. and local bars, restaurants like the polo grounds are gearing up for a lot of hungry and thirsty fans. they say they need the business to survive financially. and don't forget that all-important gear, giants hats, t-shirts, they are hot sellers this weekend. everyone in the ballpark neighborhood, in fact, say one thing, bring it on. >> we live for it and that's what we pray for. all of the bars in the neighborhood, that's our bread and butter. that's what we live for. >> i'm here for north carolina, i'm the biggest giants fan in north carolina. we spend money coming to see these guys anytime they are winning. >> we will need you guys the next couple days. there's a hot team coming in to face us
a decision could be made today, should be made today, this afternoon at 2:00. members of the san francisco board of supervisors have been going over findings of the ethics commission since september. the commission found sheriff mirkarimi guilty of official misconduct that was after he pleaded guilty to one count of false imprisonment, other charges were dropped after the fight with his wife. at the time, lopez let a neighbor videotape a bruise on her arm but has said she stands by her husband and his suspension is a political witch hadn't. mayor lee asked mirkarimi to resign in the -- resign he refused so the mayor did suspend him and that brings us to today. here's now today's hearing is going to work. the ethics commission will give an overview. the mayor and the sheriff will each have 20 minutes to make a presentation mayor gets a rebuttal. finally public comment which could be unlimited supervisors have the option of cutting it off after 30 minutes. mirkarimi has supporters. yesterday, we saw his detractors and anti-domestic violence group, held a rally calling for the sheriff to be r
it's on. let's roll. . >>> san francisco at the center of the baseball universe not an exaggeration, giants will be honored for their world series win with a big parade lieu the city and ceremonies at civic center plaza. >> a live look now at civic center plaza, preparations still underway >>> right now drizzle, moist, humid, if you will no organized areas of rain just drizzle not even enough to be measurable enough to coat the ground. fog not a problem this morning except for the coast 1 1/2 mile visibility at half moon bay the rest of us cloudy. at 10:00 the drizzle is over, mostly cloudy downtown san francisco 59°, a little sun breaks through at 11:00, mostly cloudy and breezy around 10 -- around 1:00, 63, breezy, mostly cloudy, dry at 2:00, 66. >>> last minute preparations for today's parade are underway now. the city ready to give the world series champion giants a giant thank you who can forget this scene giants coming home monday the crowds of fans at at&t park with that world series trophy in hand, sandoval will be one of the speakers today. amy hollyfield is live at the pl
this is true, seems like traffic in san francisco is getting slower. you are right. according to latest index san francisco is the second most conjested u.s. city up from the number five position. only los angeles is worse. the navigation systems maker found travel times are 29% longer during peak commute hours. avoid driving on thursdays if you can that's most conjested day in the bay area. >> i love questions like this, do you get wetter running or walking through the rain? that and other burning questions are part of a new exhibit at the tech museum. the tv show mythbusters is showing off zany experiments, -- the exhibit is geared for kids but like the show it piques adults' curiosity. >> you see a kid come up to the station and start experimenting and the adult watches and then they are like wait a minute i figured this out, get out of the way let me try this. >> here's one more test you can try that you can do at home, mythbusters opens tomorrow, geared towards young people many of whom have never seen a phone booth. >> i'm going to guess walking. you get wetter walking through the rain.
fish -- fisherman's wharf and the golden gate bridge. >> san francisco how bad can it be. >> reporter: for others staying is not an option. the doctor has paints scheduled for chemotherapy. he flew -- has patients scheduled for chemotherapy therapy >> st. louis through denver, three hour layover and drive to massachusetts, 22 hours. >> logistical nightmare. >> it mess. i hope we are safe driving. >> reporter: ellen cannes wait for her flight -- can't wait for her flight tomorrow. >> yesterday i had to spend the whole day getting my meds. he i had to take care of running around because i was stuck. >> that was lilian kim reporting from sfo. terry mcsweeney at sfo has given us information there may be some hope that a few flights to the east coast out you of sfo may resume today. we'll keep tracking that. for up-to-date information on flight cancellations and delays, go to the flight tracker abc7news.com. >>> bay area pitching in to help communities hit by the aftermath of hurricane sandy. members of the california national guard are headed east, 88 troops took off yesterday. they repor
it wrapped up a from where i am here down the street at 23rd and york. san francisco police trying to put in situation together. right now i can tell you the perimeter has been taken down. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> let's get a look at the forecast. >>> let's start with this morning, coming up on 5:02. live doppler around dublin pleasanton, towards livermore where the latest radar sweep has taken away some of the returns incidencey of the drizzle has turned into a mist same out of the sunol grade, fremont down to stevensson boulevard, a little drizzle best chance of -- of light rain near coleman road south of 85 towards santa theresa build. up the peninsula redwood city to whiskey hill road where we are seeing a little light rain and drizzle in the north bay. by 10:00, starting to clear out system moves on increasing sunshine and warmth this afternoon in the 60s to near 70°. >>> golden gate bridge in the last couple of moment rain and drizzle has come down. traffic moving nicely they just reconfigured southbound lanes. world series and some of your alternates, bart running extra and
conference this morning. terry mcsweeney will have more coming up. >>> this afternoon, san francisco man expected to enter a plea on charges of kidnapping a 9-year-old girl from mark side elementary in san mateo prosecutors charged 25-year-old bradley mrozek with kidnapping and child molestation. prosecutors say he groped the girl in a school bathroom covered her mouth with his hand and carried her off campus she fought back, ran back to the school and reported the crime. mrozek is also charged with menacing children at two other schools. >>> relatives of one of the men discovered his body along the san mateo county coast yesterday, both men srarb niched in the waters sunday -- vanished in the waters sunday after their boat capsized. neither was wearing a life jacket. two on the boat who were wearing life jackets swam to shore. the name of the man found has not been released. >>> trial of an east bay woman accused of killing former friend and high school classmate will continue this morning. 28-year-old giselle esteban is accused of first degree murder in the death of michelle le last ye
tomorrow through sunday. the best viewing from the village at marina green in san francisco. >>> at noon you will hear the roar overhead of the blue angels. today a national aviation hero from the bay area will be onboard. former us airways captain sully sullenberger will be a passenger in blue angel number 7. part of the flying team arrived yesterday. captain sullenberger was chosen for his extraordinary kill in landing his cripple commercial airliner in hudson river safely. he gets to choose youngsters to fly as well. >> fleet week busy time for the coast guard and 65 police and auxillary boats will help. they practiced rescued yesterday at yerba buena island. they expect 2,000 private boats to be on the water for fleet week activities. drills at ocean beach using an amphibious hovercraft beginning 10:00 this morning. drills and demonstrations will continue through the noon hour. >>> check out the hardly strictly bluegrass festival or the columbus parade, castro street fair. this weekend will be a traffic headache with hundreds of thousands of people packing into san francisco. we have
domination in game five. when the giants returned to san francisco yesterday morning, the manager bruce bochy told us there would be little time to rest for his players, that they would get a light workout in in preparation for today. ynbr radio host said the giants will have to take the game and go to game 7. >> the ultimate game. if the they can get it to a game 7 on monday night, you will see something you haven't seen here in a long, long time. >> there's no other sports receipt now will than baseball in the plaintiffs and the giants and cardinals. >> so recapping, giants and cardinals, game six today. another must-win for the giants or they are done. first pitch is at 4:37:00 p.m. it's ryan vogelsong against chris carpenter. if there's a game 7 it would be here at&t park and that would be tomorrow here. >> we want to see the pictures you take at your tail get party at the game or at home watching the game with your dog. you can e pail giants and a's fan photos like this one at ureport at kgo tv.com or share them with us on our facebook page or twitter feed. >>> firefighters spent the nig
giants fans can gather to watch the fans on giant tv screens outside san francisco city hall. that's where abc7 news reporter karen clapper is joining us live now from civic center plaza with more. good morning, kera. >> good morning. it is a good morning here in downtown san francisco. this is where a jumbotron will be set up later this afternoon so families and fans can come here on and cheer on their gians and potentially a world championship. we have video from two years ago when it happened, the last world series appearance was publicly broadcast in civic center plaza. both times, two years ago and this year, they had to receive permission from major league baseball to show the game. but this time around the city is doing more to prepare for the anticipated revelry. here is what san francisco police are saying. >> if it does, we've taken steps to work with all the merchants around the ballpark and we've been fantastic. we just want people to know don't drink and drive, and that's on any weekend and also be respectful of people, be respectful of other fans, be respectful to the
senator leno of san francisco calling for hearing into california's gas price crisis. he chairs senate committee on bay area transportation and says the sudden rise indicates problem with the state's 15 refineries. his committee will investigate worker safety as well. he says chevron announcement could slow growth rate of california economy by -- >>> some of us here this morning encounter wet commutes, some of us dry depending on where we were and when we came in. >> what is going to happen this morning? >>> here's where the rain is, out over the ocean here is where it is going out over the ocean moving from the coast. we have a lot of moisture hanging in the air sprinkle or two still possible even fog could form over the next couple of hours and residual moisture from the showers that were less than a -- that were very light overnight. parent low to the south, satellite lows small areas of lift in the atmosphere that could create another stray shower this afternoon. sprinkles through 7:00, 50s, sunny pockets develop by noon sunshine will help destabilize the atmosphere, we could have
team, 72 foot catamaran capsized on san francisco bay yesterday. sky 7 hd captured these images of the boat after it flipped near the golden gate bridge that is valued at 8 to 10 million dollars, thankfully, nobody was hurt. pieces of the boat were towed back to the pier overnight where the team is expected to figure out how it is going to be repair. katie marzullo is at the pier now she will have an update in our next half hour. >>> 5:03. celeste say last week's huge fire in san francisco's west -- west portal neighborhood -- investigators believe the fire started in a build tag that contained a wine shop and orthodontics office. the flames spread to the squat and gobble cafe and two other buildings. the cause of that fire remains under investigation i am officials say it does not appear to be us is --. officials say it does not appear to be suspicious. >>> mother accused of abandoning her daughter says it was a misunderstanding. in an interview 38-year-old woman denies ditching her 10-year-old she said she let her daughter at the safeway with her boyfriend while she went to a
on the san francisco bay takes a wrong turn. the coast guard had to rescue everyone from a sinking boat k and the officers association is promising is night. we have the findings of a new internal report that finds fault with dozens of oakland police officers during last year's occupy protests. >> good morning, i'm in for terry mcsweeney this morning. we will start with a first look at the weather. here's meteorologist indicate arrange. >> good morning, katie. plenty of low level moisture and that means a lot of cloud cover. there's a funnel band moving through the bay area and that should disrupt the low cloudiness and get us back into sunshine and a warmer afternoon. numbers are cool in the north bay, mid-40s to the mid-50s and by the afternoon we are talking about low 60s for the half moon bay pumpkin festival up into the mid-70s into the inland valleys. we will get a few clouds during the evening hours. if you like today this is the beginning of a big pattern change for the bay area. i will have all the details of a much warmer forecast come up. >> thank you. this morning the coast gu
-- same in downtown san francisco, quarter of an inch in oakland and orinda, half an inch around pinole. further south, nearly 2/10 after anyone's san bruno, nearly 1/10 fremont and redwood city. couple hundreds san jose and sunnyvale just wet enough it going to be slick during the morning hours most of us can't escape the wetness through at least noon when the steadiest rain continues then cold front comes through and the rain becomes more showery in nature more hit and miss may see a break in the cloud cover which will add instability to the atmosphere upper 50s to mid 60s from the coast to inland neighborhoods, scattered showers continue through 7:00, there's the possibility of scattered shower at the game tonight. it is game 7, why would that keep from you going? 5:07, scattered shower that's it, crews are going to keep the field in good shape because they are probably work on it now. unsettled pattern tuesday and wednesday, temperatures don't change much. thursday, a little drier as pattern starts to move north. friday through sunday warmer temperatures and sunshine in the forecast
news. >>> woman of the worst destruct after the game happened in san francisco's mission district. that's where kira klapper joins us live. >> reporter: the aftermath of last night's celebration still remains this morning, not very much, i'll get out of the way so you can see some trash piles charged black they were much bigger a bit ago, trucks have been here all morning, streets are soaking wet from cleaning crews not from any sort of rain. let's get you to the video of what this aftermath is of. we have sky 7 hd video of revelers on mission street setting big bonfires. the fans were dancing and celebrating around the flames throughout the night they burned trash chance, couches, matresses, signs even newspaper racks. police and fire actually stood back most of the time they let the rowdy celebrations unfold. only when the flames threatened buildings fire crews had to be escorted in by police on dirt bikes, making room through the crowds, as you can imagine the streets were completely blocked. at times people jumped into the flames others flu gasoline creating some fire -- others thro
championship series coming back to san francisco. game five at bush. the rally rags were out so wipe away the tears. zito escapes a bases loaded, nobody out jam in the second. gets lance lynn on the double-play ball to end the inning. scoreless until the fourth. hunter pence, a chopper to lynn. throw to second base. off the bag and marco scutaro scores on that error, which cost the giants. they are on top 1-0. crawford up the middle. pablo sandoval and pence score. giants up 3-zip. zito with his arm and his bao, surprising david freese with the bunt. gregor blanco in. first bunt base hit in zito's career. 4-0, giants. everything going their way in the fifth. hunter pence chasing down a pop fly. nice slide and grab. take a look, the ball is off his barehand, right wrist and into the glove. not the way you want to do that. zito's most clutch performance as giant through 7 2/3 scoreless innings, strikes out 6. pete kozma ends the seventh. padding the lead in the nighth. pablo sandoval, that is crushed. giants shutout the cardinals 5-0. still down three games to two, but they look to fight an
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